How Bulk SMS Marketing Benefit Educational SectorHow Bulk SMS Marketing Benefit Educational Sector

How Bulk SMS Marketing Benefit Educational Sector?

Do you know?

After 73rd years of Independence, Indian Education System is considered to be one of the largest in the globe. Over more than 70 million students have been enrolled in less than 2 years of the voyage. 

Thanks to government, peoples, society, and colossal acts that help India to improve its literacy rate. In that beauty, mammoth schools, universities, colleges, institutions, coaching centers, and private tuition classes have been set-up to deliver finest and A+ grade education services to all kinds of people that are worthy to learn. 

Well, in between that, promoting, schooling, and acknowledging students towards education, to read and write, to make their path for future, able to understand and help others being benefited from sms marketing for education. 

Are you probably thinking about how? 

It’s simple, think about your kid schooling days or remember your admission. Do you get any message like an update about admission confirmation, alerts, event and program updates, fee structure notification, parent-teacher meeting message, result declaration sms, and much more? 

Off-Course, you received and acted on it…!

In one simple statement, ‘From Admission up to holding a degree, you are connected and cage in with the benefit of SMS Marketing’

Probably, you are excited to know about how bulk sms marketing benefit the educational sector? Right

Let’s think about this for awhile…! What do you get? 

Simply for sending alerts and notification related to educational curriculum activities. 

But, SMS marketing for education performs more tasks that being untold for many years…! 

Let’s get to know them here…!


benefits of sms marketing for education


i) Help in the Management of Internal Curriculum

  • SMS is used to stay in contact with staff and teachers.
  • Transmitting urgent or crucial messages between senior bodies.
  • Informing about any updates.
  • SMS used for admission procedure
  • Maintaining the attendance of the students 
  • SMS for selecting and recruiting activity 


ii) Help in the Management of External Curriculum

  • SMS can be used for parent-teacher meetings
  • Message about weather reports and emergency alerts
  • Updating about exam schedule, time table, and revisions
  • Sending student performa like score, grade, and test scores
  • Sending holiday notifications 
  • SMS for new student recruitment


iii) Help in Promoting Agenda and Awareness

  • SMS can be used for promoting services like free classes, kids’ school admission open, and so on. 
  • Promoting events to the public
  • SMS about Educational offers
  • Promoting Educational program
  • Attracting students for admission 
  • Providing fair-proof education messages 


For sure, today, sms marketing is the finest, quick, and higher open rate method than it’s relative marketing phenomenon. In the context of bulk sms service for education, it helps a school, college, universities, institute, and coaching centers to retain students, boost the brand, send alerts and updates effectively and efficiently. 


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