Three Types of New Restaurant Opening Message Helps To Engage Restaurant’s Visitors

The demand for restaurants, among these days is sky-high. Many people are attracted to the new restaurant opening messages/advertisements/texts to grab the joy and taste of mouth-watering food surrounded a pleasant environment. 


However, the competition is standing rigorous for the new restaurant to engage with visitors. So, what can help them to bring new customers, increase their sales, and build a sustainable brand, for sure? In this blog, you will learn to roll your restaurant business in a good direction with text messaging marketing.


The new restaurant owner can thrive sales, engage with thousands of customers, and build a reputed brand all at the first-mover advantage with SMS marketing. SMS Marketing refers to short message service marketing is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. 


Deeper, bulk SMS service used by almost every IT industry, non-IT sectors, well-fare organization, education sectors, food industry, and more. It has a 98% open rate ratio which is incredibly higher than other promotional methods. 


Restaurant Opening Invitation Card vs SMS

Traditionally, for a new shop opening invitation announcement/message, the restaurant owner relies on invitation cards to promote their business. Sooner, they shifted to text messaging service due to propagate reasons and used for a new restaurant opening announcements, promoting products, discounts, and much more.

Following are the comparison between the Invitation Card and SMS:

  • The SMS is much faster than invitation cards.
  • Texts have a 98% open rate ratio which is rock-high as compared to cards.
  • People read SMS within 3 seconds whereas, they take time to read cards. 
  • The process of acting or take action is faster in SMS as a comparison to Invitation cards. 
  • The SMS are cheaper in contrast to cards.
  • With SMS you can communicate with customers regularly, whereas it can’t be possible for cards.
  • Grab customer’s attention faster with text messages.


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It’s a very challenging job for the new restaurant owner to engage with customers or visitors. So, what exactly you prepare for your customers excluding delicious food. 


Think, Think Bigger…!


Three Types of New Restaurant Opening Message Can Engage Customers

Have a look at these three, unlike texts that will engage your restaurant’s visitors and bring surplus.


1) New Restaurant Opening Promotional Messages

Are you a newly established restaurant and seeking how to engage with visitors? The best way is, send promotional messages rather than offering delicious food. 

Yes, you heard it right…! As the number of people who prefer to eat at home, increases. For sure,  you need to keep up your service at a high-level in any how to compete with other competitors. 

You could do this by promoting product deals, offers, and discounts for customers, and they will probably come to try your takeout. 


Example of promotional message: 

“250% percent off delivery this weekend for orders above $50 at [the name of your restaurant]! More info:”


“SUPER DEAL THIS SUNDAY! Get flat 50% off all drinks when you spend $40 or more at [the name of your restaurant]. More info:”


2) New Restaurant Opening Reminder Messages

It is true that people love celebrating special occasions with a sterling meal. Special occasions like birthday celebration, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, Valentine’s day, and more are such a pretty moment can be made for the restaurant. 

Whether you offer catering services or offering event space, your restaurant can become a spotlight place for customers if you remind them of your ideas, creativity, and deals.


Examples of reminder messages:

“Happy Birthday Sahil! Come to [restaurant name] and get a free dessert of your choice! Walk Now”


“Happy Birthday Meenakshi! Our present to you? 30% off the whole bill. Text us to book.”


3) New Restaurant Opening Notification Messages

For order updates, delivery time, waiting time, etc. texting is the perfect way to ensure your customers with real-time updates as fast as you can. Everyone always has their smartphone in their hand, in fact, Indian people spend more than 5 hours a day on their phones. 

With that advantage, you can check out these notification messages for your restaurant.


Examples of notification messages:

“Thanks for ordering from [restaurant]. Your order no 32##1 will be ready in about 20 minutes.”


“Your table for the couple is now ready. Can’t make it? Text: CANCEL”


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The demand for bulk SMS for a restaurant is incredibly high. To achieving business goals such as promoting business, products, offers, discounts, reopening announcements, update delivery, etc. text marketing has become the crucial method for it. Not only in India, but also oversee the restaurant firm using texting services, beyond belief.

We at Easysms Gateway, love to seeing restaurants succeed using our platform. If you need any help, reach out to us by chat or phone. Good Luck…!


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