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Text Marketing for Real Estate Agents | Guide To How To Use

As we all know that real estate, in India, is one of the largest revenue-generating sectors after banking and other commerce sectors. In an economic place, real estate has set a unique proposition in the Indian economy and the market. Thus, most of the vendors, property dealers, and real estate agents are highly lucrative in this sector.  

Probably, the marketing and promotion of real estate are at sky-high. Much multi-verse technique was used to boost the property for sale, income, profit-making and so. 

Talking about the ultimate target of real estate agents or organizations is to boost their business and sell more homes which ultimately accomplishes via text marketing. Although the other mean of promotion method is also good, they aren’t so fast and so have unique preposition what sms marketing have. 

Text marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. SMS Marketing has a 98 percent open rate with speed, fast delivery, and open leads. Thus, property dealers or agents have a golden platform to hit millions of dollars. 


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If you’re a real estate dealer, opt text marketing mechanism for engagement and other purposes, it’s well and good. Here we have mentioned some tips to make your text marketing more aggressive and turn the opportunity to scale your business and close more deals. 

How To Use Text-Message Marketing? | Guide For Real Estate Agents

In case, you are wondering how can you benefit your business through sms marketing, then, here are few simple tips you can take to look, read, and to use bulk sms service for your real estate business. 

Let’s start at…!

How To Use Text-Message Marketing

1) Select Right SMS Service Provider

First, you need a bulk sms service provider to help you to send, manage, monitor, and control of your text messages. While selecting a good one, keep remember to check their history, company profile, read about us, check rating and review, and most important pricing plans. What they offer, How much they offer, What cost they charge you, etc. 


2) Adding Opt-In Subscribers 

Build a list of subscribers to begin using a new text message marketing service. A great way to do this by adding your SMS opt-in info on your real estate signs. Each time somebody drives or strolls by, they will see data about pursuing updates.


3) Send Reminders About Open Houses 

Updating clients about new opening houses, flat, ready to shift, etc can actually help you to increase the chance of visit, buy, and pay by customers. These types of messages are a good signal to build a potential client. As a client approaches, they haunt for this type of golden one. So, directly sending them with personalized format is a great way to use text marketing for your property entitlement. 


4) Create Bots Messages To Send to ‘Cold Leads’

On the off chance that you get a request from a potential home purchaser, yet then they go “cold”, and don’t ask further, a computerized message could be exactly what you have to bring them back in and get them intrigued by your services.

Here, we have entitled some examples so you could get a clear vision of what to do and how to do it? 


SMS Templates for Real Estate Marketing

Appointment SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

“Thanks for inquiring about the property on (name). Schedule your viewing appointment today: (link)”

Appointment SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

Thank You SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

“Thank you for opting in! We will send you updates on the properties you are interested in. Customize your preferences (link). If you want updates sent to your email, please share your email address”

Thank You SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

CRM SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

“Feel free to reply to this text with any questions you have about the property”

CRM SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

Price Alert SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

“Hi (receiver person name), The price for the property at (property location or name) recently dropped from $240,000 to $200,000. Want to talk about it? Call at (mobile no)”

Price Alert SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

Home Available SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate

“Well furnished 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom home with a built-in one door garage available to buy. Priced at $240,000.” Reply to the same if you’re interested.

Home Available SMS Text Message Template for Real Estate


Try Text Marketing For Real Estate

Text marketing can be really a good option to opt for digital marketing. As it has a lot of advantages, real estate agents can benefit from bulk sms sending in a very short period of time. Searching for bulk sms provider in Jaipur, we can help you in everything right from sending bulk sms with a strong database to the post-service support. 

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