Top 5 Bulk SMS Startups in India

Top 5 Fastest Growing Bulk SMS Startups in India: Hitting a Big Success in SMS Marketing!

The agenda of sms marketing has been rapidly shifting toward the modern style of a marketing phenomenon. 

What is the modern sms marketing phenomenon? 

Nowadays, people are spending more time at their smartphones which leads other bulk sms marketing startups to target smartphone users to send sms at a whole new technique and methods. 

Bulk sms service is a unique kind of marketing and becomes agile for sms campaign. For business, it opens the path to reach millions of people, and for customers, it is a fine platform to get up-to-date with every alert, event, discounts, offers, and other popping services. 

Today, I have listed the fastest growing, top five bulk sms startups in India that refining and changing the mass text marketing at a fingertip solution. 

However, they are startups based sms service provider in Jaipur offers low-cost sms services with advanced features and dedicated support.

Moreover, they use state of the art technology services to deliver magnificent messaging services to the business, corporate, organization, industries, etc. 

If you aren’t just want to send sms, then try these companies that offer hands-on experience services at an affordable cost. 

In simple words, change the way of text marketing with the empowerment of smart sms apps technology

#1. Easysms Gateway – Fastest Growing Bulk SMS Service Provider, India




In our top list, we have Easysms Gateway at first. As it is the fastest-growing bulk sms startups in India. They are a perfect partner for bulk sms service because they offer cheap, easy to use, and best value sms to their clients. Talking about their service line they are magnitude player of promotional bulk sms, missed call sms, transactional bulk sms, shortcode sms, voice call sms and more finest marketing services.

Almost they have delivered more than 350K messages till it’s inception. To know their vision and mission statement, affordable sms services, intuitive advantages and benefits, and more to their visit. 

Visit website:


#2. Mtalkz – Cloud-Enabled Messaging & Marketing Automation

mtalkzIf you want something unique, Mtalkz can offer you a great and innovative platform for sending sms. More than this, they are fine market player strengthening market with their cloud-enabled messaging and marketing automation services.

They offer transaction and promotional sms service along with supportive marketing services like digital marketing and marketing automation. 

You may read more details about their company, services, features and more from here.


#3. PS Technologies – Simply Grow Your Business


PS Technology


PS technologies mainly offer transactional, promotional, and business sms marketing services at best prices that are easily affordable to joy their sms features such as ensured fast delivery, reseller panel, exile control panel, and much more. 

They are backed by robust SMS gateway infrastructure which helps their customers to leverage fanatic and unmatched sms services along with real-time statistics. 


#4. Nexcuit – Development and Digital Marketing Company




Nexcuite web solution company set up in Delhi, India. They are main exile digital marketing services along with affordable promotional and transactional sms services.

If you are looking to enhance your marketing campaign, Nexcuit web development and digital marketing service is a way to ahead for. 


#5. Mobisoft Info – SMS Marketing with Personal Support


Mobisoft InfoAt last, we have Mobisoft Info Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Mobisoft Info is a fine IT player in the cosmos. They are a top-tier business consulting and professional bulk sms startups in India with an agile record of excellence. 

With the everyday changes in the sms marketing arena, they provide dynamic features that help end-users, businesses, and other communities to get ideal real result.




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