Promotional V/S Transactional Sms

What is the difference between promotional and transactional SMS service?


In the genric of messages, the debate between promotional vs transactional sms is quite huge to pack in the bag. As, these two terms are related to marketing, and probably business and other communities refining the marketing more impulsive with bulk sms services. 

Nowadays, sending messages becomes a daily routine task for the business to revamp its objectives, goals, and target. According to the reports, 65% of Indian companies including startups in 2019 are set on fire to aggressively use bulk sms services for more business exposure, increase sales, open traffic rates, build customer relations, and much more. 

With these dawn of result, who won’t be using text marketing services…! 

For sure, everyone will use until they ruined 🙂

Before coming to the real topic, you must familiar with the types of Bul sms services that businesses focusing on…!


Types of SMS Services Carter By Every Business

In the world of technology, nothing is solemn, you have multiple approaches for everything so in the case of text messaging, it seems that the revolution of SMS is talking with us. 

Following are the glimpse of SMS Services used by and for businesses for conversations. 

types of sms services

Moving further, let get know what is the basic difference between these type of SMS services.


What is a Promotional SMS?

It is clearly understood from the name that it is being and purposely used to promoting products or services, at first. Secondly, the main moto behind using promotional messages to update and entice users to connect with provider advertising offers, alerts, information, and sale. 

Some examples of Promotional SMS:

  • Black Saturday Deals. Text ‘ENJOY’ to check deals and grab exciting deals.
  • Thanks for joining! Here’s a link to sign up: https//:*******

Benefits of Sending Promotional Messages: 

  • Build Loyalty among customers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Frontier products and Services at first
  • Ameliorate Communication
  • Fast and Effective Marketing Practice
  • Lower Cost, High ROI

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 What is a Transactional SMS?

Unlike promotional messages, it is used for passing or departing the messages to the users related to the product and services. These types of SMS services are being highly used in the banking, automation, and eCommerce sector.

Some Examples of Transactional SMS:

  • Good news, Mike! A shipment from Bluedart is headed your way. 
  • Dear user, an amount of Rs. XXX.XX  is debited from your Debit card number ending XXX at 13:04. 

Benefits of Sending Transactional messages:

  • High Open Rates
  • Impressive Engagement Metrics
  • Rapid Reach
  • Two Way Smart Service
  • Ability to Send 24*7 

Well, there is more difference between promotional and transactional sms which is based on the user’s choice of queries…! 

Here it is…!

Q1. What is the basic phenomenon of DND in Promotional vs Transactional sms?

Ans. Promotional messages are only delivered to non-Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers and opt-in numbers. Unlike in transactional messages are delivered to all receipts, irrespective of the setting opt by DND users.

Q2. What is the timing status in Promotional vs Transactional sms?

Ans. Promotional messages can be sent only between 9 am to 9 pm. Unlike, transactional messages are sent 24×7 times.

Q3. What is the Sender ID methods used between promotional and transactional messages?

Ans. In promotional SMS, a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the TRAI. And, in transactional SMS, a 6-digit character Sender ID is used by choice. 

After get clear with the phenomenon between promotional vs transactional sms! Let move further…!

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